Maritime Security Audits

Provide owners and masters that adequate and active measures to ensure their crew, cargo and reputation are trained and protected to transit through Philippine Waters.

Maritime Safety Audits

Our expertise allows us to conduct a number of types of audit, inspection and certification to ensure our customers’ safety and cost effectiveness is achieved and maintained.

Maritime Safety Audits

Delivering certified maritime safety and security training programs for Ship, Ferry and Terminal Operators in accordance to to administrative requirements.

Maritime Safety Audits

NAMSSA is in partnership with KR and have Korean Correspondence for the development and modernization of nations maritime fleet and ports.

Maritime Cyber Security

Our goal is to support safe and secure shipping, which is operationally resilient to cyber risks. We offer specialist maritime cyber security solutions vital to minimizing the risk from cyber-attack.

‘Our Corporate Quality Objectives’

Security - our Nation's Essence
To equip our personnel with the necessary knowledge in performing their duties of providing quality maritime Safety & security services
Fleet Safety and Requirements
To observe and comply with the International and National requirements as mandated by the International Safety Management and Safety of Life at Sea
Satisfaction at its finest
To continually seek improvement in order to meet customer satisfaction and determine the effectiveness of our quality management system
Quality Policy Assurance
To ensure that the quality policy is communicated and understood within the company and will be reviewed on a regular basis for continuing suitability

NAMSSA's Vision

NAMSSA highly believe and respect the efforts of every personnel involved in the operations of this organization, that all efforts are for the interest and advantage of all NAMSSA stakeholders, staff and directors in order to elevate our system to the highest standard that it may be.

In order to deliver the highest standard of service, the Management and Staff will always abide to this Quality Management System in which all systems, process and procedures are written based and complying with ISO 9001:2015.

Professional training

We are committed to providing training solutions to meet the needs of the maritime industry. Our experienced staff deliver a broad range of courses and training programs, for both onshore and onboard positions.

Our staff are seasoned maritime officers who possess a vast knowledge of the maritime industry. They go through rigorous training themselves through the requirements of the international and national administrative standards to their teaching and technical skills.